Blockchain Technology for Government Institutions

Enhance citizen trust in the government by protecting their privacy and enforcing the law fairly.

Binnenhof Den Haag

Government solution

Remove inefficiencies and ease societal burdens

Simplify administrative processes, mitigate delays, reduce wasted resources, and increase transparency in policy, tax collection, and law enforcement. Blockchain technology has already been proven to help the government establish a foundation of trust with citizens.

Minder bureaucratie

Reduced spending

Save money, time, and resources through sharing immutable and tamper-proof data.

Gemakkelijker samenwerken

Easier collaboration

Speed up turnaround times and reduce workload on government employees.


Data protection

Set up cooperative frameworks between the government and citizens without violating the GDPR.

Eerlijkere handhaving

Fairer enforcement

Ensure adherence to laws without targeting vulnerable citizens or overburdening the government itself.

An efficiency breakthrough in government-run healthcare

Pluryn provides care in more than 300 municipalities to youth and adults with complex issues such as autism, anxiety disorders and other behavioural disorders. In healthcare facilities and government municipalities, thousands of employees have to check spreadsheets daily to see if contracts are being adhered to. Together with Ledger Leopard, Pluryn developed their own app based on blockchain technology in 2017. With clearer and more explicit agreements, the app drastically simplified healthcare administrative processes between all parties, reducing errors and lowering administrative costs.

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